Tuesday, July 28, 2015

China losing control as stocks crash despite emergency measures

Margin debt on the Chinese stock market has reached $1.2 trillion. 'We suspect that it’s a matter of time before banks may have to face the music,' Bank of America says
For the rest of the world, it is a tense moment. China consumes 50pc of global coal, 43pc of industrial metals and 23pc of grains, according to World Bank data. Brazil, Russia, South Africa and a string of commodity states face a double-barrelled stress test. The Chinese are freezing imports just as the US Federal Reserve drains worldwide dollar liquidity and prepares to raise rates, calling time on emerging markets that have together borrowed $4.5 trillion in US currency.
The Brazilian real fell to a 12-year low of 3.38 against the dollar on Monday. The South Africa rand hit a record low of 12.69. The Russian rouble flirted with the danger line of 60. It was the same story across much of the emerging market nexus. “One by one the dominoes are starting to fall,” said Societe Generale.

Another day of doctor visits.

God is slowing me down, it seems, whether I like it or not. More later.

Good question from David Codrea: Why Does the Country Need New Citizens Who Won’t Defend It?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced a change in policy regarding the oath taken by naturalization candidates: They will no longer be required “to declare that they will ‘bear arms on behalf of the United States’ and ‘perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States.’”

Dan Daly's got to be spinning in his grave.

"Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?" -- Sergeant Major Daniel Joseph "Dan" Daly, USMC.
Marines march in silkies to raise suicide awarness

"America at an Ominous Crossroads"

They actually have no idea HOW ominous.

Another question prompted by the the last two links below: Why Does The Republican Party Exist?

Why does the Republican Party exist? Who is it for? What principle does it serve? It's hard to say.

Obama pushing for ‘largest gun grab in American history’: NRA

So what are all those "A Rated" NRA politicians going to DO about it?

Buzzards of a feather flock together. “I'm sure there's a lot of poor people that like him too. It so happens there's not a lot of poor people in the Hamptons.”

Jeb Bush Snares a Democratic Moneyman on Hamptons Tour

Monday, July 27, 2015

"The Number Of Guns Made Has Doubled During Obama's Years In Office -- Here's Why."

“Part of what happened to CNN is what happened to Hollywood. The news, like Hollywood, became trapped in creating and fawning over celebrities. Getting Anderson Cooper publicized became more important than breaking the big story. When you have celebrity reporters telling you how they feel about being in Iraq instead of reporting on how our troops are doing you begin to lose perspective. With guns, instead of going to gun ranges, gun-owner’s homes, instead of interviewing women who’d stopped an attacker, and instead of really trying to understand the world such women live in and what they’re going through, they just tell us how they feel. Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, and the rest are stars, not reporters. They’re not hunting for the truth. They’re telling you what they think and what they think all comes from the cocktail parties on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and from conversations with other reporters.”

Minority Wars: Why The Next Ten Years Will Set Everyone Against Everyone

"Things fall apart, the center does not hold."

Another State Backs Down After ‘I Will Not Comply’ Uproar

It frustrates the hell out of gun-grabbers to impotently watch their demands for widespread enforcement collide with the reality of what that would entail and — and of what it would provoke. Enforcers and administrators who would have to live with the repercussions of such attempts aren’t about to stick their heads on that block. Gov. Bentley recognized that and eliminated a rule the state has no belly for enforcing in the face of vocal dares for them to try. Look for that to play out more and more as gun rights advocates begin to realize the power they can wield simply by declaring “I will not comply.”

Herschel Smith on "Recruiting Center Negligent Discharge Discussion At Oath Keepers."

"All in all, the entire exchange of comments at this Oath Keepers discussion thread is technically and tactically juvenile, and the tone is highly disappointing. I expected better."

Shadowy federal informant is at center of Denver bar massacre trial

"Crimes conceived in hell are not witnessed by angels." Yeah. Especially when they are paid for with federal money.

"'One-fifth of the total population of El Salvador' resides in the United States."

New California: Mass Immigration Turning Virginia Blue

Interesting. Obama's "Rasputin" strikes again -- at Hillary.

Hillary faces dangerous enemy in the Obama administration

"Obama’s Evolving Outrage on Guns."


Why Israel will hit Iran after Obama's gone.

Yeah. If they have that much time.
See also: "Making Stuff Up."
The administration must believe it’s okay to make stuff up, that the American public doesn’t really care and would rather be tweeting about Sharknado. But if it’s such a good deal, why does it need to be kept out of the sunlight? The administration’s stealth, subterfuge, and lies have revealed one very big truth: It knows the deal won’t withstand the scrutiny of the American people and their representatives.

Chris Chritie shouts down a critic of his firearm rights record.

‘I’m Still Waiting for One Fact, One Fact from You About Me Being Anti-Gun’ — Christie Faces Off With Pro-Gun Voter in Iowa
And here's Herschel Smith's take: Good Lord! Are we really going to have to listen to this loud mouth for the next year? Chris, you are gun control collectivist from way back, and you made your fame in New Jersey pushing an “assault weapons” ban. As for Mr. Fletcher, I do indeed want you to make your decision quickly rather than be cowardly about it. And it should be to destroy all of the paperwork you ever had on him and tell your LEOs to stop arresting people who come across state lines with weapons, right after you pass a reciprocity law recognizing the permitting system of every other state in the country. The fact that you won’t do that tells us everything we need to know about you. The fact that you think we don’t want you to make your mind up about it should tell you something about yourself. You have lived in collectivist-land for so long you don’t have even the slightest understanding of what the rest of us believe.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trying to recover from transitions. Adios to Hattiesburg. Also, saving the Republic is all well and good but you can't accomplish anything if you're dead.

This week has been filled with stresses and strains. I'm exhausted from the struggles of trying to protect my friends from their wife-beating arsonist son-in-law (successfully) and yesterday moving Zoe back to Birmingham from Hattiesburg to take another job (also successfully, although the exertions in the heat with a mattress and box springs that wanted to leap off the top of the GMC Jimmy in what turned out to be a seven hour trek darn near killed me). Today will be taken up with the rearrangements attendant upon that move in order to get her settled. Thus does the Vanderboegh family finally say "adios" to the college town of H'burg -- thank and praise the Lord. Not that we don't have Southern Miss to thank for a lot of blessings, but there is a darker side to most college towns, not the least of which is the present-day "party" culture. Hattiesburg also has a lot of town-gown conflicts/crimes that go deliberately unreported by both university and local press, exacerbated by the recent rising boil of racial animosity ("Black lives matter, but F you, honky mofo.")
These past two weeks have also convinced me that I must crank back on some of the work I have been doing with national groups and events and see to my health and my own family responsibilities, both of which I have abused terribly this past year or do. Saving the Republic is all well and good but you can't accomplish anything if you're dead. That is not to say that I will be ceasing my efforts at national armed civil disobedience (and the fun part, smuggling) but I am going to have to moderate some. The zombie apocalypse portends, and my own preparations to see to my family have been sorely neglected because of time, energy and especially monetary resources that have been spent on larger (but not necessarily more important) issues. Indeed, I have fallen down on my responsibilities to my own family. I must remedy that.
A big part of that is finishing Absolved, as I am unceasingly reminded by y'all. The black dog banished by the motivation of looming events, I have been working fitfully on it even throughout this hell week and also an essay wrapped around this T.R. Fehrenbach quote:
To make a war, sometimes it is necessary that everyone guess wrong. . . A war is made when a government believes that only through war, AND AT NO SERIOUS RISK TO ITSELF, it may gain its ends. (Emphasis supplied, MBV) -- This Kind of War, pp. 32-33.
I'll try to have more later. Now, just exactly where do I put the stuff from Hannah's old room and how do I find the the time and energy to crop back the jungle in the back yard? It is times like these that I realize that even the Founders likely had to remember to feed the dog, carry out the garbage and make sure the family horse was fed, watered and curry combed. Of course Sam Adams didn't worry about the bills -- he just didn't pay them. Not an option for me, I'm afraid.

No doubt he's explaining to his boss, the Devil, just how he screwed up so royally.

Okay, there are a few lessons here, but first and foremost is: when the savage serial killer is willing to put down his pistol in order to wrestle the rake from your hands because he wants to kill you slow, take advantage of that opportunity.