Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"We're coming for your guns. And someday, we'll take them." Another tyrannical collectivist moron fails to think through the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Gerald Ensley wearing a nice necktie.
Stop the insanity: Ban guns
I'm not talking about gun control. I'm not talking about waiting periods and background checks. I'm talking about flat-out banning the possession of handguns and assault rifles by individual citizens. I'm talking about repealing or amending the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
The author, one Gerald Ensley, has helpfully provided his phone number, 599-2310 (presumably area code 850, which is Tallahassee) and his email address, gensley@tallahassee.com. Now don't threaten the little wannabe tyrant, but a reminder of the wages of tyranny historically would perhaps not be amiss.
Julius Streicher. a "journalist" of similar stripe, with a different kind of necktie.

Once again we see that timing is everything and preparations delayed are preparations denied.

“Did you notice the tractor trailer back there to our loading dock?” the man asked the woman, who responded with an affirmative. “All the guns are already packed in, and we’re taking all the pawns out of here too, just to protect our customers’ merchandise.”

Monday, November 24, 2014

Scott Walker trial balloon from NRA director ignores amnesty danger

The problem is, GOA is alone among national gun rights advocacy organizations to make the connection, and to insist it be a factor in determining whether or not a politician truly supports the right to keep and bear arms. Why the “gun control” groups keep quiet about illegal immigration is understandable. Those in it for the long haul, who hope and believe Americans can be disarmed within a generation, recognize that this can give them an unbeatable political majority within a decade or two, to remake the legislatures and courts and reverse all the legislative and judicial victories gun owners have gained to date. But why the National Rifle Association has avoided recognizing and warning members of this real threat, opting to avoid it altogether with a “single issue” explanation, is harder to understand.

Hands up! Don't shoot, er, ah, loot!

More on the path of principled social justice front: Violence in Ferguson after no indictment announced

Hat fundraiser update.

Some ugly old man wearing my hat.
Okay. I was a busy little wolverine today. Have got the first 100 hats contracted for and the first 40 will be available to ship the week after Thanksgiving. Price will be $20 each. Shipping will be via USPS and is set at $5.00 for first hat and $2.50 per additional hat in the same order. Send cash, money order or check made out to Mike Vanderboegh, PO Box 926, Pinson AL 35126. For those of you who have already used PayPal, you should have received an answering email. If you didn't get that confirmation, send me an email back. GeorgeMason1776@aol.com.

In Washington and Elsewhere, Defiance is Proper Response to "Gun Control"

"Freedom begins with an act of defiance."

Fund Raising Idea. Three Percenter ball cap

I have three trips to make on the schedule before the first of the year. One a lightning visit later this week to Ohio, a second to Texas and the third to Washington state, It was suggested to me by a friend that I should sell some of these to raise traveling expense money:
The Ohio trip is covered. Not so Texas or Washington state. His suggestion is to sell them for $20.00 plus postage. Do you think there's a market for them? As far as payment, my PayPal is back working again IF you enter my email manually, GeorgeMason1776@aol.com yourself. No explanation yet from PayPal as to why the link was screwing up or why it was refusing payments. What great customer service. Anyway, what do you think? Is there a market for the hat?

Homeschooling family tasered, arrested after being accused of having a ‘messy’ house

“All too often, law enforcement officers and child-welfare workers act as if the Fourth Amendment does not apply to CPS investigations. They are wrong. The Fourth Amendment is a legal shield that protects people from exactly the kind of mistreatment the Hagans endured,” the organization writes.

Newly Uncovered Memo Shows How Holder Got Prepped to Mislead the American People on Fast & Furious

Or if that’s not easily doable, you could find a way to “run into” a couple of reporters on your way to something. Maybe Pete Williams, Carrie, Pete Yost — that part can be managed.

They sure do like their grenades, don't they? Makes 'em feel like hero soljers, I guess.

A 2-year-old California boy was burned and traumatized by a police smoke bomb in a botched “no-knock” raid at the wrong home, his family claims in a lawsuit. . . The Salinas family seeks damages for assault, battery, trespass, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress from the botched raid. The raid occurred at 4 a.m. on April 16 while the family was sleeping.

In interviews, Finland’s leaders see peril in standoff between Russia and the West

"They were testing how we'd react. But accidents might happen."


New level of Fox News dominance demands analysis, not dismissal

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Behind enemy lines. Report on the CT trip. A Lesson in Humility, and Resistance. A note to Malloy & Lawlor: You screwed up. Be sure when you shove somebody off the fence that you know which side he's going to land on.

It's been a week since I came back from Connecticut. The trip was a lesson in humility and resistance. I was convinced on Friday evening that it was a disaster all of my own making. By Saturday night, I had been humbled and inspired -- by my own mistakes and the stout determination of those I met to resist tyranny. Here's what I wrote in my journal notes of Friday afternoon. I headed it: "A Cluster Coital Trip So Far."
Schedules off by a mile, computer failures, screw-ups in communication, all can be laid directly or indirectly at my door. That said, there are a number of people here on our own side who don't want me here (and yes they are on our side).
I am viewed as too radioactive, controversial, whatever. I am loathe to criticize them for I have the luxury of speaking my mind and leaving, whereas they are stuck facing the beast long after I will be more or less safe in free Alabama.
The ad hoc way this was organized (or I should say disorganized) may make the entire exercise a waste of time. For that I have only myself to blame although at each turn I made B.A.D. decisions -- "Best Available Data." The failure to issue the press release in a timely fashion was forced by the uncertainties of travel, venues and timing which in turn were dictated by the uncertainties of funding. Even when things came together it was evident that I was two steps behind. Still I remain convinced that I need to be here even if the failures of planning and execution are all my own.
In retrospect, I will be hesitant to risk the waste of volunteer resources without a willing host on the ground. Lesson learned, but again the fault is mine and not theirs. Perhaps I'm being prematurely pessimistic and tomorrow will prove the opposite. We'll see.
I wrote that while sitting in Panera Bread after talking with Professor Robert Churchill for a few hours. We exchanged books. He gave me a signed copy of his To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face, and gave him a copy of Sharyl Attkisson's Stonewalled, with the notation "I didn't write this, but I AM in it." He also brought me some leftover paperwork to sign from when he interviewed me and obtained copies of some of my militia files, which he will be donating to an archive.
We talked about current events and he spoke of the clash between the "urban class" and the "country class." Connecticut, he believed was irretrievably "urban class." I commented that if this clash of world views was carried to its logical conclusion, that states such as Connection would see something that could be described as, if not ethnic cleansing, then certainly political cleansing.
After he left, it occurred to me that what Malloy, Commissar Lawlor and their ilk were doing was forcing folks to choose sides. I was reminded of the old truism in Southern politics that when you endeavor to shove somebody off the fence, you should know in advance what side they will land on. I reflected grimly that the proto-tyrants of Connecticut were trying to do just that -- to shove their opponents behind prison wire. But then, it occurred to me, wire -- and fire -- works both ways.
I jotted those notes above after Professor Churchill left, and read them to Rosey as we waited for folks who didn't show up. She asked me, "Are you going to post that?" I said that I might. She counseled me not to, saying that I should await Saturday's events. "Folks have a right to know how I screwed this up," I countered. Still, she insisted, I should wait to see what the morrow would bring. A wise lady.
We spent the night at the home of a great couple who had invited us when they knew we would be coming to Connecticut. That alone takes a certain amount of courage in today's oppressive environment in their state, and we were thankful and grateful for the support.
My host and I left early the next morning to attend the Ye Connecticut Gun Guild's show in Middletown. I felt better after some sleep, but still convicted that I had wasted a lot of folk's money on the exercise.
I needn't have worried. The folks I met at the gun show not only restored my faith in their determination to engage in -- and capacity for -- resistance, they also convinced me that the trip had NOT been a waste, press coverage or not, speech venue or not. Indeed, I may have accomplished more by the private conversations I had than if my initial plan had played out the way I had hoped.
Talking with folks on the ground behind enemy lines convinced me of a couple of things. Frist and foremost is that Malloy and his minions in state government (although perhaps not Commissar Lawlor) are still being restrained by their fear of what will happen if they try to enforce the law (despite what they are telling Pinciaro and the other confiscationists who want raids right now. The CSP leadership apparently conducted a private little poll of potential storm troopers to see how many would be willing to follow orders to enforce the law and came up woefully short on their hopes and expectations.
I'll also tell you this. If they do get stupid and issue such orders, there are enough Three Percenters on the ground who will resist such a force of arms with their own defensive violence. Of this, the leadership of the Connecticut State Police is convinced. Based on my own experiences on Saturday, that is certainly the case.
But in the wake of the reelection of Malloy, our side is not merely reduced to that zero sum game. The men and women of Connecticut's resistance movement are coming up with all manner of perfectly legal but out-of-the-box thinking to resist without violence and some of this I offered to help them with. If I were the principals on the other side of this, knowing that I had participated all my life in the corrupt politics of one of the most corrupt states in the country, I would start getting nervous when I noticed that some folks were asking pointed questions about certain deals. I would also be on the lookout for private investigators building files. There is more than one way for the mice to deter the predatory cats, and that's one feline at a time. Perfectly legal. Perfectly frightening to the crooked politician.
I also ran into some folks who have known Commissar Lawlor all his life. Get that? ALL his life. For example, I picked up the report that even when he was young, Lawlor displayed -- for years -- the crossed flags of the United States and the Soviet Union on his wall, much like this US/USSR Friendship Flag lapel pin first made popular in Communist Party of the USA circles in the run-up to American entry into World War II.
No wonder the CIA didn't want Lawlor to go to work for them and kept a close eye on him after he returned from behind the Iron Curtain during the height of the Cold War.
Oh, yes, this trip was VERY useful and illuminating and not nearly the wasteful fiasco I had feared. Certainly the men and women of Connecticut Carry and Ye Connecticut Gun Guild gladdened my heart with their own determination to resist Malloy's Intolerable Act by every legal means. If I lived in Connecticut I would belong to both of those organizations.
More importantly, it also demonstrated the timidity of the Connecticut state authorities. I was reminded of a line from The Walls Came Tumbling Down by Gale Stokes about the collapse of communism in eastern Europe. Stokes in this passage is talking about the oppressive regime of the Ceausescus in Romania: "It has been said that a good political machine thrives on the visibility of its rewards and the certainty of its punishments." When the "benefits" became obvious lies and even the security apparatus tasked with oppressing the regime's enemies turned reluctant, the Ceausescus were dragged out and summarily shot on Christmas Day, 1989, twenty five years ago this 25 December.
Nicolae Ceausescu's merry Christmas, 1989. A cautionary tale for the Malloys and Lawlors of this world to ponder.
The fact that despite every thing I have done to provoke Malloy's bully boys in the CSP -- the smuggling, the public defiance, the posting of names, addresses and phone numbers of their tyrannical masters, the fact that I DARED come back into their state publicly despite their open criminal investigation of me and their crude attempts to use my own local Sheriff to pressure me -- merely demonstrates their indecision, their lack of will, their impotence in the face of defiance of their "laws" and their "legitimacy." Indeed, it reinforces the perception of their illegitimacy.
The "great and powerful" Wizard of Oz.
Lawlor is reported to have called me, among other things, a "son of bitch." You know, the fictional Toto as written by L. Frank Baum was a "son of a bitch." (Although in an unkind cut, a female dog was used in the 1939 movie.) Like the Wizard of Oz, Commissar Lawlor and his toadies demand that we pay no attention to the little, timorous men behind the curtain. Yet by the defiance of their own citizens and certain visiting unpleasant sons of bitches like me (to use Lawlor's characterization) who don't mind drawing back that curtain, the curtain is indeed drawn back for all to see. The Wizard, it seems, is not so scary and has fears of his own.
Beware the little SOBs of this world -- especially if you hide behind curtains of alleged legitimacy and invincibility.
You know, I think I'll be going back to Connecticut early next year. Maybe I can throw a bucket of the cold water of truth on Commissar Lawlor and we'll see if he melts.

Obama mugs Schoolhouse Rock.

"Is this constitutional?"

E-mails show White House tried to muzzle Sharyl Attkisson

First, it goes way beyond the normal carrot-stick relationship with reporters on getting favored stories, and moves into a place where reporters are pressured to keep quiet about government abuse and incompetence — or lose their jobs. That’s flat-out intimidation of the kind one would normally associate with, say, the Nixon White House and its notorious Enemies List. It’s the kind of gangster-government environment more associated with banana republics. If it succeeds, it guarantees the complete removal of accountability and transparency, and turns the media into stenographers.

Across the tracks from Ferguson, Clayton enlists private army to brace for trouble

The predominantly white residents of Clayton seem convinced that the protesters will take out their anger there, and are hurrying to insulate themselves from the threat with private security firms. Asymmetric Solutions, a St. Louis-based security and intelligence company that is staffed by U.S. special-operations veterans, has been working with companies around the metropolitan area whose assets are valuable enough to justify the firm’s steep rates. A project manager for the company, who asked not to be named, predicts that outside of Ferguson “most of the difficulty will occur in the Clayton area…the bastions of white wealth and privilege.”

Praxis: Ukraine Is Building Armored Battle Buses

Here’s how a post-Soviet military improvises when it gets into a war it never prepared for. The Ukrainian army is fielding armored battle trucks that look like something from Mexico or Kurdish Syria. Known as Raptors, the new trucks are for Ukrainian national guard troops fighting pro-Russian separatists in the east.

The Stepford Students. Free speech is so last century. Today’s students want the ‘right to be comfortable’

One of the censorious students actually boasted about her role in shutting down the debate, wearing her intolerance like a badge of honour in an Independent article in which she argued that, ‘The idea that in a free society absolutely everything should be open to debate has a detrimental effect on marginalised groups.’

Just because he defecated all over himself doesn't mean he wants you to notice.

Dr. Ben Carson hosts conference call to ‘clarify’ his 2nd Amendment stance