Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anti-gun women continue to corroborate ‘progressive’ contradiction

In true “progressive” fashion, the people who support a woman’s right to determine her own self-defense choices are portrayed as anti-woman. And it’s especially rich considering this is coming from an employee of an authoritarian patriarch, and one with some “sexual blind spots” of his own.

Latest on Red Jacket/Sons of Guns.

Reality Show Canceled After Arrest of Star on Child Rape Charges

Never surrender. More inter-faith outreach from the religion of peace.

WARNING: GRAPHIC DEPICTION OF REAL MONSTERS IN ACTION. ISIS Forces Christian To Convert To Islam, Then Beheads Him Anyway.
See also: Marched to their deaths: Sickening ISIS slaughter continues as 250 soldiers captured at Syrian airbase are stripped then led to the desert for mass execution.

Boss Hogg lives on. Montgomery County's anti-liberty "Only One."

One year later: Sen. Scott Beason, NRA hope to see gun bill taken a step further
The Alabama Sheriffs Association opposed Beason's bill last year. Sheriffs gave two basic reasons --- public safety and the potential loss of pistol permit revenues, which help fund their operations. They said the change could lead to more road rage incidents. Montgomery County Sheriff D.T. Marshall says the permit requirement needs to stay in place for loaded pistols in cars. "If you have a weapon in your car and have a permit, somebody has checked you," Marshall said. "Otherwise, people with mental defect, criminals, anybody could be carrying guns."
Lions! And tigers! And bears! Oh, my!

"There's no remaining honor in Roy Moore's Gadsden flag."

Readers may recall my Flag day speech about flags both false and true. As I said at that time:
We must answer that question at the end of history -- which country does the stars and stripes represent? For in the end it certainly cannot represent both. The Gadsden flag, with its threatening rattlesnake and bold warning "Don't tread on me" is perhaps more plainly honest, more unambiguous, than the stars and stripes. Freed of the burden of being the national colors which seem to be saddled with the necessity of being all things to all people, the Gadsden flag is plain in its declaration of free men and the rights to our own liberty and property and lives. Don't threaten me, it warns. Or, in the words of some of this generation -- "Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'." It is not as blunt as the Gonzales flag of Texas liberty with its image of a cannon and the challenge "Come and take it," but it is close enough, as they say, "for government work."
This is why the Gadsden flag is so popular at rallies of today's liberty movements -- from the Tea Party to the protesters of the Federal land grab at the Bundy Ranch and elsewhere in the west to Second Amendment activists of today -- the message is clear: There is a line, Mr. Government Bureaucrat, that you cross at your own deadly peril. "Don't tread on me." DON'T TREAD ON US! It is for this reason that the collectivists -- the domestic enemies of the Founders' Republic -- are made somewhat angered, if not deranged, by the Gadsden flag. Its sentiment is plain -- it cannot be polluted or corrupted or co-opted. They must therefore do their best to demonize it, to discredit it, to profane it, and to lie about those who fly it. We have seen that very clearly in their reaction to the Miller meth-head murderers' misuse of the Gadsden flag in their Nevada rampage. The flag is itself "anti-government" they proclaim and proof that the Millers represent the rest of us "anti-government types."
Now I don't know about you, but I'm not "anti-government," although the Southern Poverty Law Center has been calling me that for two decades now. I am in fact pro-government of the kind the Founders would recognize. I am pro small government, safe government -- a government of limited powers -- a government that supports the rule of law AND OPERATES WITHIN IT. When our enemies -- those domestic enemies of the Constitution that the Founders warned us about -- call us "anti-government" what they really mean is that we are anti-"do-it-our-way-or-we'll-kill-you" government. Of course they're right about that, but they cannot honestly admit it to others that they are trying to convince, so they call us "anti-government" and hope the lie sticks.
But flags are symbols. They are shorthand for who you are and what you represent. And what you love. So if they can discredit one symbol and co-opt another to their purposes they are more than halfway down the road to their victory of the collective over the individual.
The entire speech transcript may be found here. And in proof of my analysis back in June, we now have this.
However the Tea Party sees the symbol, the Gadsden flag has been adopted by private militias, the Sovereign movement, and radical and racist seditionist conspirators of all kinds. Killers have committed political murder under that symbol. The state's Tea Party might wish to taunt the oppressive federal government, and they should do so, as they have political points to make. But they cannot stand upright under the Gadsden flag.
I will have my own answer to this screed later.

Police problem is unaccountable attitude

Police officers act like they're in a war zone, forgetting they face citizens, not enemies.
See also: Federal 2nd Court of Appeals rules that SWAT teams are not protected by "qualified immunity" when responding with unnecessary and inappropriate force.

Don't cry for me, Argentina, er, ah, Hartford.

Anti-Gun Reporter Is Out Of A Job… In Connecticut?

One more tyrannical Mandarin for the Devil's furnace. They'll have to pry his cold, dead hands from the levers of power, but not even he can beat the Reaper.

"After talking to some keen, longtime observers of Nevada politics, I remain unshaken in my belief that Reid intends to run."

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Malloy intentionally distorting gun group's potential support for Foley

The one certainty is, if it looks like a substantial threat to Malloy’s reelection is emerging, the rhetoric about extremism will intensify, and billionaires opposed to guns in private hands they do not control will spare no expense at controlling the election message as well.

Most gun owners appear unaware of or indifferent to gun group merger

I will make one observation on that effort, not to take sides, but simply to comment once more on a phenomenon I've seen result in effort after effort evaporating over the years, something I call "Profiles in Apathy." For those who agree with her, and from comments I've read, many do, and strongly, it's shameful that to date, fewer than 400 signatures have been collected on the petition opposed to the deal.

FBI to investigate itself. I think we've seen this bad movie before.

FBI to probe tampering claims in OKC bombing records case

CT to split the anti-Malloy vote. When Malloy wins, the gun raids begin, with national civil war to follow.

Mary O'Leary, readers may recall, is the Red Queen of Connecticut "journalism," famous for writing stories and then conducting "interviews" by reading blog posts, Well, the Red Queen reports that Connecticut Citizens Defense League expected to back Tom Foley
The clearest supporter of gun rights in this gubernatorial race is Republican Joe Visconti, who successfully petitioned his way onto the ballot to serve as an option to Foley and Malloy, but the CCDL will not support him.
The CCDL is afraid, with damn good reason, that Visconti will split the anti-Malloy opposition vote and assure the gun grabber's re-election.
Understand this: the only reason Malloy and his KGB toady Mike Lawlor have held off on the gun raids that Lawlor has been itching to do since January is Malloy's fear that a body count of innocent citizens and their families might spoil his re-election chances. Once he IS re-elected in November, we can expect the gun raids to begin before the end of the year -- and, as bloody night follows day, that we will be in a national civil war by January.
I will be in Connecticut the week before the election to make this point.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Moderation in Va. Senate race will advance special interests, not principles

“I know Gillespie and I will not support him or vote for him,” a frequent correspondent active in Virginia Second Amendment promotion and support told me. Part of that may be due to Gillespie’s refusal to personally commit to the issue, as illustrated by his failure to return a Virginia Citizens Defense League Candidate Survey. Part of it may be due to his consummate insider loyalties to the GOP establishment as a former Bush White House staffer and head of the RNC. Part of it may be that he established a “bipartisan” lobbying firm with a Democrat partner, and a former White House Counsel to Bill Clinton at that. And the big part is that there was a better candidate that the establishment did not want..

"ATF Agents Train For Next Standoff" & the lie that keeps on being told.

The special response teams started in 1996 following recommendations stemming from the 1993 Waco disaster, where four ATF agents who were part of group of law enforcement serving arrest warrants were killed in a shootout. The siege resulted in a 51-day standoff with the ATF and FBI. It finally ended when leader David Koresh and his followers set fire to their compound, resulting in the deaths of Koresh and 81 Branch Davidians, including women and children.

Reid's position on 'assault weapons' for police sounds familiar

Both Reid and Horsford appear to be arguing that the fact that sometimes law enforcement agencies do indeed abuse the power of certain firearms should not mean that agencies that do not engage in such abuses be forced to get by with lesser guns. Does the same logic somehow not apply to the rest of us?

Rough patch continues.

Headed to doctor this morning. Keep me in your prayers. I'll try to have more later.